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Требования к железу для Spector 360 printer friendly version
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Posted Tuesday, October 6, 2009 @ 11:03:33  

Ниже приводятся (примерные) требования производителя к железу для Spector 360.
(Системные требования можно посмотреть на сайте Spectorsoft:

These hardware packages are recommendations and may not meet the actual requirements if there are significant changes in configuration or application. Any system purchased should be upgradeable so the hardware can be extended to meet additional loads.

Fewer than 100 licenses

XP Pro workstation or server

1 dual core processor

2 Gigabytes memory

Desktop Memory: 512 MB RAM may be adequate for XP Pro, but it may be necessary to disable capture of screen snapshots. For Vista, a minimum of one Gigabytes is required. When the amount of memory is a concern, it is suggested not to record programs for which information is not needed. This will reduce resource use. Extending the screen snapshot interval or not recording screen snapshots will significantly reduce resource use.

100-500 licenses

Server with 2 dual core processors

2-4 Gigabytes memory

RAID 10 is recommended for more than six months of storage and/or security of data

500-1000 licenses

1 Quad-Core processor

4 Gigabytes memory

RAID 10 is recommended for more than six months of storage and/or security of data

1000-5000 licenses

2 Quad-Core processors

• One Processor dedicated to the OS and applications;

• One Processor dedicated to SQL Server;

8 Gigabytes memory

RAID 10 is recommended for more than six months of storage and/or security of data;

The server should have database specific fast disk controllers caching.

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